The Momentum

Tool-Free Aluminum Case for iPhone 4/4S
featuring Fast-Loc Technology

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With Fast-Loc, No Screws? No Tools? No Problem!

Introducing The Momentum case for iPhone with Fast-Loc technology, an innovative hinge/latch design which doesn’t require tools!  No more dealing with those pesky small screws common to most other aluminum cases.

To see Fast-Loc in action, watch the video above!

The Momentum case can easily be put on and taken right back off again in seconds, all without tools.  This makes it perfect for the times you need to quickly take off your case to use an oversized connector or to put your device in a dock. However, you may not need to thanks to Momentum’s…

Over-Sized Dock Connector Opening

Spanning almost the entire width of the case, the Momentum’s dock opening has over 0.3″ of vertical clearance. This makes the Momentum’s dock opening one of the largest of any case in the market, aluminum or otherwise.

Front and Back Protection

The Momentum case offers increased front and back protection for your device, especially during face-down drops. Designed like an aluminum bumper, but without all the bulk, the glass of the phone is recessed beneath the edge of The Momentum so the case takes most of the impact, not your screen.

And when paired with the internal rubber shock-mounts of The Momentum that gently cradle your phone inside the case, you have one really tough, yet beautiful case ready for all life throws at it!

Finger-Friendly Volume/Mute Cutout

Thanks to the wide opening and sloped edges of the volume and mute switch cutout, The Momentum has one of the most comfortable and finger-friendly designs on the market. Thumbs too!  Never struggle to quickly reach your mute switch again.

Slotted-Side Design for Better Grip and Reception

One of the other innovations of The Momentum is its unique slotted-side design.  This not only improves your grip, but covers less of the antenna offering better signal performance as compared to the typical iPhone aluminum case.

Plus, we think it looks pretty cool too!

CAD Design and Early Renders

[Designing in SolidWorks]

[First Render]

[Another Early Render]

From Render to Reality – Photos of the Final Product

More photos…

Photos by Gary Chrebet

I would like to take a moment and personally thank Gary Chrebet of Insight Images, LLC ( for the amazing job he did creating the above photographs. They truly are some amazing shots and I couldn’t be happier.

I actually met Gary because he was a backer of one of my other products, the aTrackt! (you can check it out here: and we’ve been friends ever since.

If you need professional photos taken of your products or of anything else, please give him a call at (609) 200.1552.  You can also reach him via email at

If you do, tell him Mark says hi!

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