PadRails Pre-Launch Promotion

Thank you for showing your interest in PadRails, the case-free protection for iPad and other tablets!

We will be launching on Kickstarter soon, but if you fill out the form below, we’ll give you 20% off your own set of PadRails!

By participating in this promotion, I grant Inertial Design permission to contact me on behalf of PadRails or any of their other product offerings.  At no time will my information be shared with any third-party sources except where required by law.  In addition, I understand Inertial Design agrees to not send more than one or two promotional emails per month (on average) and if I wish, I can be removed from their mailing list at any time by writing with the subject line ‘Remove’.

Note: Inertial Design is launching PadRails via a fundraising campaign (the Kickstarter link will be emailed once the project goes ‘live’).  This promo discount only applies to orders placed via this site and does not apply to pledges placed on Kickstarter.  However, promo orders made through this site will be fulfilled with the first round of Kickstarter orders, before any other orders placed through this or any other third-party sites.

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